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Where to Advertise Your House for Rent in St. Louis

Advertising St. Louis rental properties needs to be strategic, especially when you want to generate as much interest as possible in your St. Louis rental property. Today, we’re sharing some tips on where to advertise your home.

Advertising Online

First, do as much online advertising as you can. Most St. Louis tenants will look online for the available rental housing options. That’s the first showing, so make sure your photos are a good representation of how the home looks. Anyone can take a creative writing class and make the home sound beautiful. But pictures say a thousand words. So make sure they are accurate and show the positive aspects of the home you are trying to lease.

Advertising Offline

Next, St. Louis advertising has to include offline platforms as well. This might include a sign in the yard or flyers that you can hang at schools, churches, grocery stores, and other public places. The goal is to let people know that you have a St. Louis house available for lease.
Another way to think about offline advertising is by placing ads in print publications like newspapers and magazines. Most local newspapers have online and print versions, so getting your property this exposure will help you reach people who read the physical paper and look it up online.

Property Management St. Louis

Using a professional property manager will help your advertising efforts. By working with a company like Select Leasing & Management, you’ll have access to the property manager’s website, which is dedicated to listing properties. We also push our listings out to all the rental sites online. Working with someone who knows the benefits of advertising and who can call where-to-advertise-your-house-for-rent-in-st-louislocal Realtors will help. Sometimes, an agent in our network will have a client who is looking for a rental property, and we can market what we have available.

We are happy to take care of advertising for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at Select Leasing & Management. We are here for all of your St. Louis property management needs.

Posted by: selectstl on September 21, 2016
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