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Tenant Responsibilities in a Single-Family Home in St. Louis

When a tenant is renting a single family home, it can be a challenge to decide what the landlord should be responsible for and what the tenant should manage. Today, we’re talking about tenant responsibilities and what should be expected.

Property Management St. Louis: Outdoor Maintenance

One of the biggest responsibilities a tenant will have is indoor and outdoor maintenance of the home. When it comes to the exterior, lawn care and winterizing are especially important. This can be snow removal in the winter or mowing the lawn in the summer. Anything that’s necessary to keep the house in pristine condition should be on the tenant responsibilities list.

Property Management St. Louis: Indoor Maintenance

Taking care of the inside of the home is something else tenants need to think about. This would include all the general housekeeping; things like turning the utilities on in the tenant’s name, changing smoke detector batteries when necessary, and changing the furnace filters. You want your tenant to keep debris clear of the air conditioner and change the light bulbs that burn out.

tenant responsibilitiesThe most important thing you’ll need to do is recognize an issue when it occurs so your home is kept safe and in great condition for all of your future tenants.

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Posted by: selectstl on February 13, 2018
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