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4 Benefits of HOA Board of Directors Partnering with a St. Louis Property Management Company

At Select Leasing & Management, we successfully manage homeowners associations in the St. Louis area. Today, we’re talking about what we do when managing HOAs, and how we can help you run your community more efficiently. There are three areas we focus on: community guidelines, financials, and monthly maintenance.

Property Management St. Louis: Community Guidelines

We will ensure that all of your rules and policies are clearly defined and consistent. We’ll provide the communication channels needed to make sure your community’s covenants, guidelines, and restrictions are being enforced and followed. We will also maintain the consistent enforcement of your rules, which will include scheduled and unscheduled visits to your association. Part of our management services includes making recommendations to deal with any complaints. These may be conflicts between a homeowner and the association or complaints between two homeowners. We will come up with the best solutions for handling these complaints and reaching an appropriate resolution.

Property Management St. Louis: Financials

Our team will deal with every aspect of your financials, including the collection of monthly and annual fees. We can also handle bill payment, and provide accurate and detail records of all these transactions. We will come up with an annual budget and make sure it’s followed. You’ll receive monthly financial reports that are transparent and clear.

Property Management St. Louis: Maintenance

Finally, we will schedule and manage all maintenance for your association. This will include scheduling vendors, getting competitive bids, maintaining all the common areas, and handling anything else that your community requires. We will make sure any repair projects are seen all the way through. We have an online portal where you can access financials, pay bills, and make maintenance requests.

If you have any questions about how our St. Louis property management team can help your HOA, please contact us at Select Leasing & Management.

Posted by: selectstl on March 29, 2017
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